Friday, September 17, 2010


School has started. Where have all the blogposts gone? (sorry Paula Cole, stole your song - the cowboys. I could sure use a lasso though, to reign in the bucking rearing schedule i have now! Waa!)

I feel like Frodo.I need to decide what to do with the time given me.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Grazie per l'alimento!

"To eat good food is to be close to God." Big Night

   Watch this gem for the food and ending scene alone. Cleanliness is only next to godliness... good food gets you in His inner circle. Mangi!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day Hitler Invaded Poland

... is the less good news of this day. It's my birthday. 71 years ago he invaded Poland. 23 years ago  I invaded a hospital room in Greensboro, NC (also my mom and dad's hearts, you know, standard oxytocin love). 48 years after the Feuer did his thing, I did mine. That's 48 years between invasions. 4+8= 12. 12 is the number of perfection, completion and government. I pay my taxes. Long story... long, it's gonna be a great year. You know how i know reader? No you say? I'll tell you. This is what Anthropologie (not to be confused with anthropologY; the study of humanity... not just mine...) informed me of upon opening the first email of my Birth Day:

"An unbridled September... New Horizons... give rise to a month without reins."

I'll take that. And you should too. It's gonna be a hot one folks, but hey, someone invented the slip and slide. We can all rest assure, eat cake and thank God that Hitler is dead and Poland is still cranking out sausages.

Affectionately and Joyously,


Monday, August 30, 2010

Zombies and Helvetica.

Hey folks (meaning me and me mum, pretty sure we are the only ones reading this... makes for very unbiased feedback!.. cough cough.)First posts up! Well, thanks for reading mom. 

No, no no. I won't leave my readers high and stimuli dry! I've got a question to ask and a news article to share. They're not related... strictly speaking... they both use words! Moving on. 

Where's the Helvetica? The only font to have a documentary and blogger can't muster to give us (meaning me) the option to use it's powerful sway to pull in the masses (meaning mom ) and take the two cents I'll be dishing out.

Joke/Witticism of the day(to be a regular update on hannah blog): me, "Hey guess what I did today guys? guys, 'what?' I voted on which song the next NASA space team will wake up to on the last day of their mission! guys, 'what?' Yeah!! We are so cool, I mean, can you imagine if the Russians did that with their astronauts?? It would go something like this, ' Hey Borisk, you get to pick song for listen for wake up in space. You choose. You want pre or post soviet classical?"

PS. Template for this blog will look differently from time to time. A girls gotta be free to change it up! Keep comin' back kids. Hannah Blog adventures coming to a computer screen near you.


 First of many laughs from Hannah Blog. Yer' Welcome!