Thursday, September 22, 2011

International Flame

All my exes may be in Texas, but all my boyfriends hail from Deutschland.

Facebook MADNESS. American Doll exposed...

  • Brendon Blade hhaha you're a classic - those are great mate thanks. I'll do those for sure :) WAs that doll you had in your room called a Molly Doll?
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  • Hannah Urrego what? Oh yeah! American Girl is a series of dolls that are old west or frontier dolls. Molly was one of many. Here is the research to back up your teaching ...
    American Girl ¨ Molly doll. Meet this WWII-era girl and her English friend, Emil...See More
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  • Hannah Urrego ‎;)
    13 minutes ago · 
  • Brendon Blade now I have the facts to prove the experience! I'm invincible
    11 minutes ago · 
  • Hannah Urrego ‎... or WW2 era apparently... really depressing descriptor, oh my gosh..."Molly McIntire is growing up during World War Two. She wants the war to end so that her dad can come home from overseas...Molly learns the importance of pulling together—just as her country must do to win the war." I can't believe my mom bought me this. I am so glad I had no desire to ask background questions about the specific historical references for my doll! The other frontier one must've been horribly depressing as well.... "Alice is a frontier girl learning to hash it out in the wilderness, only 13 she has already had 2 children and learned to fix a wagon wheel with just an axe a stick and a cup of dirt. She paved the way so you little spoiled brat holding her doll could lead a cushy and pain free existence!" This is all very upsetting...
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  • Brendon Blade sorry to bring it up :( Did you ever have a Lora Doll? I hear they always return to Mexico !
    5 minutes ago · 
  • Hannah Urrego Haha. the Lora doll, " At the tender age of 9 she is working with her mom at the tortilla stand outside of the governor's house. Always happy to be working 12 hour days Lora does not complain and sews in her spare time. She set the standard for women's work ethic in Mexico and is considered by many to be a forerunner to Frida Kahlo. Included with your Lora doll is a bag of flour, dark braided wig and your own US passport and feigned American birth certificate... all the things Lora wished she had!"
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