Monday, October 10, 2011

Fancy a Cuppa?

"Yeah that'll teach em' not to come knocking about and wake me from my dreams of cakes and celebrities!"

I introduce to you... 

The Passive Aggressive House Mate Tea Collection. ( kettle not included)

No need to confront irritating and digestively unsound flat mates, give em' a bag, they'll love it!

"I don't want to interfere. Goin' once a week for 4.23 hours at a time probably isn't normal, but I ain't no doctor is I? No. Su loves the chocolate biscuits i leave out at night to keep her from kickin' me in the morn'... She'll love this!"

"Alright. Okay. Just step away from the chocolate not found in your cubby and give me that 3 week old bacon, you're not gonna eat that today missy. Not today. Not in my shared kitchen you ain't."

"I hope Suzys feelin' a bit nice today, I might not want her to kick me in the mornings anymore, not sure... I'll just hand her this, I know she will understand what I mean."

 "        .       "

                "Sometimes, when I imagine my life I dream of living with very smart people. Hey Suzy! Cuppa?"

*disclaimer, this has been posted with the permission of all flat mates